The staff at believes that you will enjoy your casino visit more if you know in advance the rules of how some of the games at the casino are played before you arrive at the casino, so therefore, with the permission of the casino, we obtained the Mole Lake Casino House Rules for playing blackjack at their casino and are reprinting them here for your convienence. These rules are being presented here on June 12, 2006. It is very important, however, to realize that it is the player's responsiblility to know and understand the rules of any game at the casino at the time the player is playing at the casino and that any rule changes that have occurred at the casino between the time of this writing and the time that the player is playing at the casino, it is the player's responsibility to know of the rules changes because the rules at the casino at the time the player is playing are the ones in effect and override the rules printed here.

Having fun with blackjack at Mole Lake Casino

Mole Lake Casino
Blackjack House Rules:

1. Blackjack pays 3 to 2.

2. Dealer must hit soft 17.

3. When you tie the dealer hand it is a PUSH (no money exchanges).

4. On six deck games, players cannot touch cards.

5. On two deck pitch games, players can only use one hand.

6. Do not touch or reach over your bet.

7. No money plays.

8. No new bets are to be placed after first card is dealt.

9. If a player sits out one round of play, the Pit Supervisor may exempt you from play until the next shuffle.

10. When playing two spots, double table minimum; bet no more than two spots.

11. You may Double Down on any two cards, except "21" or Blackjack.

12. You may split pairs up to three times, Aces only once.

13. No early surrender. Late surrender only.

14. No "pan-handling" money from employees or customers.

15. Any person who is intoxicated may not play.

16. Any person causing a disturbance may be asked to leave.

17. No food is allowed at the tables.

18. No foreign objects on the tables. At the discretion of Management and observation; the only items allowed are: table metal cup holders, drinks, ashtrays, cigarette packs, lighter, cards, and chips. You may be asked to remove these items from the table at any time.

19. To play Blackjack, the player must buy in.

20. All players must be properly positioned at a spot on a table. It shall be at the Table Games Manager's discretion to determine the proximity of non-players at the table.

21. This establishment reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Thank you and have a good time!

Mole Lake Casino also offers a "Strategy Guide" for playing Blackjack. Here is a copy of the guide that you can print out and study before you sit down at the table: Strategy Guide.