A Part Of Wisconsin Since The Beginning

The Ho-Chunk Nation Long Ago.
In 1634, when French explorer Jean Nicolet waded a shore at Red Banks, now known as Green Bay, the people of the Ho-Chunk Nation welcomed him. For some 360 years this nation was labelled as the Winnebago.

This is the Ho-Chunk Nation. Ho-Chunk means - People of the Big Voice.

At the time of Nicolet's arrival, Ho-Chunk territory extended from Green Bay, beyond Lake Winnebago to the Wisconsin River and to the Rock River in Illinois.

For many years, the Ho-Chunk Nation was a good neighbor and a partner with many of the peoples that came to Wisconsin.

The late 1820's, however, saw the beginning of great hardships for the Ho-Chunk Nation. Over the years, they were moved from their land to Northeastern Iowa, to Northern and South Central Minnesota and, in 1863, to a desolate reservation in South Dakota.

The Ho-Chunk do not have lands reserved, a reservation, in Wisconsin. Today, all Wisconsin Ho-Chunk tribal lands are lands once owned by the Ho-Chunk but which the Ho-Chunk have had to repurchase.

The Ho-Chunk Nation Today.
Today, the 4,900 members of the Ho-Chunk Sovereign Nation hold title to 2,000 acres of land. As they always have, they love the land and wish to preserve the Ho-Chunk culture.

Today, Ho-Chunk Gaming gives the Nation a great opportunity to resolve problems and create opportunities in education and business development that are good for everyone in Wisconsin.

Ho-Chunk businesses now provide employment for both Ho-Chunk people and everyone else in this land we all call Wisconsin. The Ho-Chunk are actively pursuing their responsibilities within their own communities as well as becoming participating members of surrounding communities.

Most importantly, the Ho-Chunk invite everyone to join them in traditional Ho-Chunk friendship so that together we can build a promising future for us all. As they say - Good friends. Good fortune.

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