482 South Griggs St., St. Paul, MN 55116
Ph:651-699-0696 Fax:651-698-4084
When I first met owner and store operator Bob Werneke I was looking for two things; quality and expertise. I knew I'd found both within moments of talking with Bob.

I was looking for T-shirts for and Because I know very little about the business of printing on shirts and other merchandise I needed a serious amount of help. Bob knew exactly how to help me and seemed to know what my next question would be. He not only understood the concept of what I was trying to do but offered invaluable promotion advice. Bob's expertise paid off with time, making the designing process smooth and quick. Bob looks into even the smallest detail with care. I was impressed with the way he double checked every little thing himself. We all know how costly a small mistake can be and Bob doesn't take chances. Great and friendly service!

Now for quality, another impressive trait. The shirts Bob carries are 100% cotton and in lots of different colors. I took a long look around his showroom and liked everything on display. First rate and a creative variety. Just to mention a few; jackets, sweaters, pens, cups. glasses, cd cases, tote bags, key chains, and just about anything a company name, logo, or family name can be printed on.

I look forward to a long working relationship with Bob and highly recommend his professionalism to companies large and small and to anyone with a special occasion coming up. I encourage my readers to log on to the Adwear web site for more details and photographs. Please bookmark this web site for your easy return.
Written by Gwenevere Young. Copyright 2000.

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