Welcome to the
Hole Card Players Club
at the
Hole In The Wall
Casino & Hotel
Hitting the jackpot at the Hole In The Wall Casino is as easy as joining the Hole Card Club. When you use your Players Card to play at the Hole In The Wall Casino, you earn Bonus Points redeemable for CASH and MERCHANDISE! The more you play, the more you earn. And you qualify for a prize-winning lineup of exciting benefits and rewards. It's the real deal and it's FREE!
Hole Club Players Benefits
  • 10% discount at the Hole In The Wall Hotel.
  • Exclusive eligibility for their monthly Birthday Special. Stop by the Card Club Booth during your birth month and receive a free $5 match play coupon. You'll also get one free entry into their end-of-month Birthday Drawing. If you're present for the drawing and your name is drawn, you win $200 Cash! If you're not present, $100 will be mailed to you. Plus, you get one free Birthday Meal certificate from Hole In The Wall Casino, good for 30 days from the date issued.
  • Use your Bonus Points to purchase Gift Shop merchandise!
  • Exclusive participation in casino special promotions and members-only giveaways.
You Can Get
For Your Card Club Bonus Points
In More Ways At The
Hole In The Wall
Casino & Hotel

Just visit their Card Club Booth and fill out the necessary form. Then take it to the Cashier and get your money! It's easy!


400 Points equals $10.00

800 Points equals $20.00

1600 Points equals $40.00

3200 Points equals $80.00

4800 Points equals $120.00

6400 Points equals $160.00

Only YOUR points can be used. If you have any questions, please ask the Card Club attendant on duty. You can also redeem your points for FREE ROOMS at the Hole In The Wall Hotel! Please inquire at the Card Club.

How Do I Become A Member?

Fill out a membership application at the Hole Club Players Club Booth. The application process takes only a few moments.

How Do I Use My Players Card?

When playing Slots, just insert your card into the reader box attached to the game you're playing. Make sure the reader box displays your name. You must keep your card in the reader box at all times during play. And remember to insert your card into every machine you play.

Each slot machine has a "countdown number". When the countdown number reaches zero, you earn a Bonus Point and it is automatically added to your Hole Club Players Club account.

When you play Blackjack, present your Players Card to the dealer. Your play is automatically tracked as you play, if you're playing $5.00 a hand or more. Be sure to present your card to the dealer again when you finish playing, and at each table you play at.
Hole Club Players Card Rules & Policies

1. Hole Club Players must be at least 21 years of age.

2. Membership and benefits are transferable only in the event of death, or if a member becomes an employee of the Hole In The Wall Casino.

3. The benefits of the Hole Club Players Card are extended to active members only. Inactive accounts are purged after 18 months of no play.

4. It is each member's responsibility to properly insert the membership card when playing and to make sure that the card is accepted. Members will not accumulate Bonus Points if their cards are improperly inserted.

5. All disputes and ensuing management decisions regarding point accumulation or point balance are final and binding.

6. To redeem bonus points, members are required to present valid photo I.D. and their Players Card.

7. It is against Club policy for members to accrue bonus points by giving or lending their Players Card to other players.

8. Lost or stolen Players Cards should be reported immediately to the Players Club. New cards will be issued with proper identification.

9. Employees of the Hole In The Wall Casino are not eligible for membership.

10. Point chasing or point theft is fraudulent use of the Players Card and will result in permanent loss of Club membership.

12. Any member's use of the Players Card indicates acceptance of the conditions of the Hole Card Club as outlined above.

13. Membership in the Hole Card Players Club may be revoked or canceled at any time, at casino management's discretion.

14. The Hole In The Wall Casino reserves the right to alter or discontinue the Hole Card Players Club or related promotions, at any time, without notice.