The Videos:
1. BASICS (60 minutes). This video offers a great overview and the basics behind the most popular Casino Games. Tips on how to read slot machines, bet on the first roll of the dice in Craps, and more! Will help eliminate first-time player embarrassment and increase confidence in approaching any table. Also increase your odds with tips on Sports Bets: Baseball, Football, Basketball and the Horses!
2. BEGINNER BLACKJACK (55 minutes). Jimmy discusses the simplicity of the game. Learn when to "hit," "split," and "stand." You'll understand when to Double Down. How to watch the cards and bet accordingly.
3. ADVANCED BLACKJACK (50 minutes). Review of basic strategies, then goes deep into playing with multiple decks, analyzes card counting by demonstrating hands and explaining how it affects your betting. Which table to play? Which seat? It's all here!
4. POKER VIDEO (55 minutes). On this tape Jimmy teaches how to play 8 different popular poker room games: 5 Card Stud, 5 Card Draw Hi, 5 Card Draw Lo, 7 Card Stud Hi, 7 Card Stud Lo (Razz), Hi Low Split Poker, Texas Hold'Em, and Omaha Hold'Em (including strategies).
5. BACCARAT (48 minutes). Demonstration of hands and explanation of how simple this game really is. Money management systems and even tips on which table to play!
6. BEGINNING CRAPS (43 minutes). This tape introduces you to the exciting game of Craps. Explains terms of the game and how to bet on the first roll of the dice. Every beginner should play this tape before hitting the tables!
7. ADVANCED CRAPS (56 minutes). Once you've mastered Beginners Craps it's time to try for the Big Bucks! Learn "Come," "Place," "Don't Come," and "Buy" strategies. Learn how to give and get odds!
8. ROULETTE (58 minutes). The World's Champion comes to Jimmy's classes before he goes to a tournament! Now you can benefit from the very same advice! Get his roulette strategy and learn the terms.
9. SLOTS (36 minutes). How to read a slot machine and what to look for! How the computer chips work inside and how that affects winning jackpots.
10. MONEY MANAGEMENT (49 minutes). Every gambler must have this tape in their collection! The bottom line to winning is money control. Play like the pros!